Dr. Vance Thompson – Ophthalmologist Surgeon

Meet Dr. Vance Thompson

Vance Thompson, M.D. is a board-certified ophthalmologist in Sioux Falls, SD specializing in laser vision correction and advanced cataract surgery. As the director of refractive surgery at Vance Thompson Vision, Dr. Thompson leads a collaborative team of medical professionals in treating vision conditions using advanced technology and innovative techniques. A leading expert in LASIK and cataract surgery, Dr. Thompson strives to enrich his patients’ lives by helping them experience visual clarity. Dr. Thompson currently serves as a professor of ophthalmology at the Sanford USD School of Medicine and hopes to continue sharing his extensive knowledge of laser and implant vision correction for years to come.

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Education & Training

A Gregory, SD native, Dr. Thompson attended college and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of South Dakota. Following graduation, Dr. Thompson enrolled in the University of South Dakota’s School of Medicine, where he completed his Doctorate of Medicine. Eager to further his education, Dr. Thompson’s next step was the completion of his ophthalmology residency at the University of Missouri/Columbia. He then went on to complete a fellowship in refractive and cataract surgery with Dr. Dan Durrie and Dr. John Hunkeler of Hunkeler Eye Centers in Kansas City, KS. Dr. Thompson is also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Skills & Expertise

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Thompson has performed more than 75,000 vision correction surgeries worldwide and remains among a select group of refractive and cataract surgeons who prioritize the use of innovative, advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Thompson’s extensive research and expansive knowledge of sophisticated laser and implant surgical technologies are what sets him apart in the ophthalmology fields, which qualify him to teach the techniques to eye surgeons all over the globe. By lecturing and continuing to research the topics, Dr. Thompson hopes to pioneer the way toward continued advances in the industry.

Extracurricular involvement

As a leading international researcher, Dr. Thompson has played an important role in the discovery and development of the advanced technologies and techniques used in both laser and implant vision correction surgeries today. Serving as the medical monitor lead, or principal investigator, Dr. Thompson has led over 65 FDA-monitored clinical trials on the subjects and has published numerous papers and book chapters on his findings. In addition, Dr. Thompson co-authored a textbook titled Refractive Surgery, and continues to lecture and teach at the Sanford USD School of Medicine.

Hobbies & Personal Interests

Dr. Thompson and his wife Jana reside in Sioux Falls, SD. Together they have three children, Blake (and his wife Kayla), Joel, and Lauren. In his free time, Dr. Thompson’s favorite hobby is hunting and considers it his legacy, passed down by generations before him. Having hunted the South Dakota plains with his brother and father, Dr. Thompson is now sharing the tradition with his sons and hopes to one day include his grandsons. All his life, Dr. Thompson has dreamed of a way to remain true to his roots while contributing to the world around him. For this reason, his place at Vance Thompson Vision feels like a dream come true. 


"The care I recently received at Vance Thompson Vision was top notch. The knowledge and expertise of Dr Greenwood and his staff made me feel very comfortable with the treatment I received. After my recent cataract/glaucoma and refractive surgery my vision improved dramatically. The correction exceeded my expectations. The procedure was pain free. I anticipated more discomfort. The staff was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Vance Thompson Vision to a friend or family member."



"Making the decision to have Lasik and choosing Vance Thompson to do the procedure are two of the best decisions I've made. Dr. Greenwood and the staff at the Fargo location were excellent, friendly, experienced, and truely cared about my eye wellness. Thanks for the great experience and, although only 1 day after surgery, dramatically improving my vision."



"I had a great experience with Vance Thompson Vision. Dr Greenwood and the staff are kind, caring, and competent."



"The staff at Vance Thompson Vision know the true meaning of "customer service". The process from start to finish was the best experience I have ever had with vision care. Dr. Greenwood and team were amazing to work with. I have already recommend this place to multiple friends and colleagues."



"The staff there was very welcoming and helpful. The technician was patient and very thorough and all the tests that she did. Dr. Greenwood spent extra time explaining my condition and I answered all my questions . When there is questions about insurance and what would possibly be covered they brought in a staff member who spoke specifically about those issues. A second stack person came in and explained how they would help ensure that the insurance claim would be appealed if necessary. The whole appointment was very thorough and the information helped me make the best decision for my health possible. I would recommend Vance Thompson vision to anyone with complex eye problems."



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