We're celebrating Dr. Berdahl's 10th Vanceversary!

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Dr. Berdahl

This week we celebrate Dr. John Berdahl's 10th Vanceversary. That's an entire decade of building a team, performing anterior segment eye surgery, researching new techniques, and digging in to his speciality areas: cataract, refractive, glaucoma, and corneal surgery. To commemorate 10 years, we asked him for his top 10 favorite things about being part of Vance Thompson Vision. Then we asked his team for their top 10 reasons to love working with him!

Dr. Berdahl's Top 10:

  1. The trust that patients put in me
  2. The trust that employees put in us
  3. Working with my partner, Vance
  4. Working with my partners in Fargo, Bozeman, Omaha, and Alexandria
  5. Working with the students and fellows in eye care that have come through
  6. Pursuing some of our own ideas with research and helping develop new products
  7. Working with NASA on long-term space flights and astronauts
  8. Meeting people in their moments of vulnerability
  9. Taking part in mission trips
  10. Making sure that everyone who comes to us—no matter their ability to pay—has a good outcome

Our Top 10 Favorite Things About Working with Dr. Berdahl:

  1. His singing and expansive knowledge of lyrics
  2. His bad jokes
  3. His ability and willingness to teach
  4. He is always smiling and ready to pick others up when they're down
  5. He can eat a handful of Doritos in record time
  6. His desire for everyone to achieve their goals, both within Vance Thompson Vision and beyond!
  7. He asks interesting questions that gets everyone thinking, sharing, and bringing us closer together
  8. He never has a bad day and always beams with positive energy
  9. He shares daily reminders not to take life too seriously
  10. The genuine belief and trust he places in his team, and the reciprocated belief and trust we put in him


11. Every year on his birthday, he demonstrates his awesome mass-quantity crepe-making abilities!

At Vance Thompson Vision, we are grateful to have the Berdahls as part of our work family.