LASIK the right way

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When you’ve lived with glasses or contacts for most of your life, the idea of leaving them behind can be a little daunting. It becomes an especially difficult decision when the option to shed those pesky spectacles involves the word “surgery.” At Vance Thompson Vision, we want to make sure this procedure not only helps you see your best but feel your best.

There are a lot of things that go into a quality laser vision procedure, things like technology, whether or not fine tunes are included, how long the aftercare lasts, and how comfortable you will be during surgery are all important questions to ask, but one of the questions that is commonly overlooked is the experience of your surgeon.

Vance Thompson Vision was among the first providers on earth to perform laser vision correction. Having performed nearly 80 FDA monitored clinical trials, from many of which have improved the accuracy and precision of LASIK technology, the doctors at Vance Thompson Vision lead the way in making LASIK more predictable and more comfortable.

Take for example the correction of astigmatism. Many people think that having astigmatism means you are not a good candidate for laser vision correction. However, our LASIK surgery team, led by doctor Vance Thompson, was integral in getting LASIK FDA approved for the correction of astigmatism in 1999. This, along with many other innovations has allowed for laser vision correction to become eligible to far more people than ever before. The good news is, even if you weren't a candidate before, you probably are now because of the advancements in laser vision correction, which was paved by the doctors at Vance Thompson Vision.

When looking into laser vision correction, candidates will want to know that their surgeon not only has experience using the current laser technology but know why the advancements were made in the first place. LASIK has become one of the most commonly performed procedures in America today but all patients agree, the time to do your research is before the producers not after.

Go to our website and download out 15 point checklist to see the difference in quality we will make for your laser vision correction surgery. LASIK is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a scary one. Schedule your free consultation at Vance Thompson Vision, and get ready to experience clear vision without a prescription.